Our clothes are the natural extension of our personality. They indicate who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.

The way we talk, the way we joke, the way we shake hands—all these things are essential social channels. The way we dress is the platform for all the above. Let me help you build that. 



How It Works

We arrange a phone conversation and have a good chat. The idea is to identify your sartorial goals and style preferences. How you would like to look and what you want to achieve with your style transformation - these are important topics for us to discuss. I’ll also tell you what “sartorial” means, free of charge.

What You Get

  • The understanding of what works best for you based on your personality, lifestyle, colouring, body shape, and complexion
  • Structured information about the clothes that suit you best - different looks, styles, and fits 

  • Plan of action

How it works

We either meet at your place or do a video conference call and go through your wardrobe’s contents thoroughly. Beware, we’ll have no mercy!

What you Get

  • Thorough analysis of your clothing for fit, style, and condition
  • Identifying the items that work for you and the ones that don’t
  • A clear idea of what should stay, what should be altered, and what needs to be gone
  • List of missing items that would help to complete your wardrobe
  • Understanding of how to match different pieces in your wardrobe in order to create series of versatile, stylish looks, based on the clothes that you already have
  • Your very own sartorial program: what to wear, how, and when

How It Works

We go shopping together, yaaay!  

N.B. Playing Pretty Woman on my boombox during the whole shopping experience involves additional charges.

What You Get

  • An expert advice on where to shop and how to set up your future shopping routine
  • The items that you really need and will wear for a long time  
  • New complete looks put together for your future reference
  • Quality clothes that are an investment, not just trendy stuff 
  • Perfect balance between your wardrobe, budget an lifestyle
  • No shopping-related stress
  • Time to feed possums in the park

How It Works

I will identify the garments that require adjustments, whether it is the pieces from your current wardrobe or some the amazing stuff we bought for you. I do all the pinning and measuring myself to make sure that we get exactly what we want. Then I take the clothes to my tailors and bring it back to you when it's ready. I deal with some of the best tailors in town, so rest assured, the result is going to be worth money* and effort spent.

*The cost of alterations is not included

What you Get

  • The clothes that are literally customised for you and meant to fit you perfectly

How It Works

You're getting married and don't wanna look like a douche. Or maybe you do wanna look like a douche, but in a good way. Either way, you want to be in control of how you and your fine groomsmen appear and what impression you make. That's why you get in touch with me and we make this whole thing up and running, so on your special day you and your mates look your very best.

[Contact me for a quote on this package]

What you Get

  • Proper understanding of what to wear, how to wear it, and where to get it
  • A few good ideas for your groomsmen outfits and yours
  • Special Groom's party shopping experience
  • Clothing Alteration Assistance
  • A Complete Styling Experience for you and the boys on the the wedding day or prior
  • One happy bride

How It Works

We identify the best hairstyle for you and the look you want to achieve. Then we take you to a damn good barber and he does his magic.

What You Get

  • A well-thought haircut and hair styling
  • Right products for your hair type
  • Consultation with the top hair stylist
  • Personalised grooming plan
  • A lolly





  • Initial Style Consultation
  • Personal Shopping Experience



  • Initial Style Consultation
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Personal Shopping Experience




  • Initial Style Consultation
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Personal Shopping Experience 
  • Clothing Alteration Assistance
  • Personalised Digital Lookbook
  • Style Advice 24/7 for a year